Carp National Maps 2006/07

This series of maps shows the occurrence, abundance and distribution of European carp (Cyprinus carpio) in Australia, 2006/07. Click on thumbnail image above to open full map file.

Originally published in: West, P. (2008). Assessing Invasive Animals in Australia 2008. National Land & Water Resources Audit and Invasive Animals CRC, Canberra. (See web link below to access full report).

  • Map 1: Occurrence
  • Map 2: Distribution
  • Map 3: Abundance
  • Map 4: Occurrence, Abundance & Distribution
Secondary Author Peter West
Date null
Year 2007
Secondary title carp_NatMap_Occ07.jpg; carp_NatMap_Dist07.jpg; carp_NatMap_Abund07.jpg; carp_NatMap_OAD07.jpg
Edition jpg
Place published Image Location
Institution Invasive Animals CRC
Notes Notes
Region Australia - national