Carp in NSW: Assessment of distribution, fishery and fishing methods

The introduced common carp (Cyprinus carpio) is now widespread through much of inland New South Wales. Carp are considered a major pest and contributor to the environmental degradation of many inland waterways and reduction of native fish populations. Consequently, there has been considerable ongoing research, both nationally and within NSW, into ways of controlling carp numbers. Key components of this study were to map the present distribution of carp in NSW, review the carp fishery including catch and market data, and assess harvesting methods with respect to their effectiveness in catching carp and their possible impact on native fish species or air-breathing vertebrates such as turtles and platypus. A fish trap designed for carp and incorporating a bycatch reduction device was tested and assessed.

Author Graham, KJ. Lowry, MB. and Walford, TR
Year 2005
Publisher NSW Department of Primary Industries
Department Fisheries
Pages 88 pp
ISBN/ISSN ISSN 1449-9967
Control method Fishing
Region NSW


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