Can trap data from predator control operations be used to relate stoat and ship rat capture success to micro-habitat features?

Stoats (Mustela erminea ) and ship rats (Rattus rattus) are major pests threatening New Zealand’s native fauna. Control of these pests is being undertaken at sites throughout New Zealand to improve the breeding success and survival of threatened wildlife (Elliot 1996; Moorhouse et al. 2003; Gillies et al. 2003). Knowledge of the habitat factors that influence capture success is essential for improving pest control strategies. We were interested to see if trapping data, which is collected on a large scale and at relatively low cost, could be used in exploratory data analysis to look for micro-habitat features which may improve the probability of stoat and rat capture success.

Author Christie, J., Kemp, J., Rickard, C. and Murphy, E.
Date 2005-05-02
Year 2005
Secondary title 13th Australasian Vertebrate Pest Conference
Place published Wellington, NZ
Publisher Landcare Research
Institution NZ Department of Conservation
Pages 306-309
Control method Trapping
Region NZ
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