Automated Monitoring for Detection of Small Mammal Pests

This paper describes the current capabilities of the Scentinel® Mk4, an automated bait station and smart monitoring device for small mammals of between 40 and 2000g. It is equipped with a weighbridge, bait canisters and camera, and can be programmed to respond in different ways to visitors of specifiable weight categories. At the date of writing, we are about two-thirds of the way through an extensive field trial on farmland near Tokoroa, funded mainly by FRST and AHB.

Author King, C. M., Martin, R. D., McDonald, R. M., Tempero, G., Dekrout, A., Holmes, S. and Stirnemann, M.
Date 2005-05-02
Year 2005
Secondary title 13th Australasian Vertebrate Pest Conference
Place published Wellington, NZ
Publisher Landcare Research
Pages 106-107
Control method Baiting
Region NZ
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