AUSVETPLAN: Australian Veterninary Emergency Plan

Effective responses to animal disease emergencies require planning at national, state/territory and district level, and the involvement of animal health authorities, the livestock industries and emergency management organisations. The Australian Veterinary Emergency Plan, or AUSVETPLAN, is the national contingency planning framework for the management of emergency animal disease (EAD) incidents in Australia. The purpose of AUSVETPLAN is to ensure coherent operations and procedures among national, state and territory animal health authorities, and emergency management organisations in the management of an EAD incident.

Animal Health Australia, as the custodian of AUSVETPLAN, works closely with the Australian, state and territory governments, and the livestock industries, to determine priorities and regularly review AUSVETPLAN to ensure its currency and appropriateness. Finalised manuals are endorsed by government.

Author Primary Industries Ministerial Council
Date null
Year 2009
Institution Animal Health Australia
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