Assessing the response of forest understoreys to feral goat control with or without possum control

Goats (Capra hircus) are a common wild ungulate in New Zealand, inhabiting about 11% of the land area. Much of this land is managed by the Department of Conservation. Outcome objectives for sustained goat control operations on conservation land should relate directly to ecosystem health, which is the overall conservation objective, rather than goat population levels. In this study we developed and tested new sampling methods to assess more directly the response of forest understoreys to reductions in feral goat populations. We also attempted to separate goat from possum (Trichosurus vulpecular) impacts.

Author Sweetapple, P. J. and Burns, B. R.
Date null
Year 2002
Secondary title Science for Conservation No.201
Volume 201
Publisher Wellington
Pages 33
Notes Notes
ISBN/ISSN 1173-2946 / 0-478-22273-4
Region NZ