Animal Pest Alert – Barbary Dove

The Barbary Dove (Streptopelia roseogrisea) is also known as the African Collared Dove, Pink-headed Dove or Rosy-grey Turtle-dove. The domestic form is sometimes given its own name of S. “risoria” and some of its common names include the Domestic Ringdove, Domestic Collared, Fawn or Java Dove. The Barbary dove is not indigenous to Australia but is kept as a pet here and overseas. It has established isolated populations in the wild here and in other countries. It poses a serious threat in Australia with significant potential to establish further populations and become a pest, so it is important to immediately report any found in the wild.

Contains information on identification, distribution, pest potential and risk management.


Author Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia
Year 2010
Publisher Government of Western Australia
Department Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Austra
Pages 4
ISBN/ISSN No. 9/2010
Region Australia - national

Barbary Dove