A radiotelemetry system for monitoring the treadle snare in programmes for the control of wild canids

A capture-status alarm system was developed to be used in conjunction with a humane snare device used for control of wild canids in Victoria. The alarm unit transmits a unique identity code as well as indicating the capture status of the snare. Large numbers of alarm units can be allocated to a single frequency as data transmission is short and governed by a pseudo-random timer. All status information is presented in alphanumeric format on a light-emitting diode display. The system is user-friendly and does not demand a high degree of skill to operate. The alarm can be incorporated with a number of trapping devices and should enhance the efficacy and humaneness of any trapping operations.

Author Marks, C.A.
Year 1996
Secondary title Wildlife Research
Volume 23
Pages 381-386
Control method Trapping
Region VIC
Links https://www.publish.csiro.au/nid/144/paper/WR9960381.htm