A model of the dynamics and control of an outbreak of foot and mouth disease in feral pigs in Australia.

A model of the progress of an outbreak of foot and mouth disease in a single population of feral pigs, Sus scrofa (Linnaeus), is described. Results suggest that, for floodplain habitat in semi-arid eastern Australia, the threshold feral pig density for the disease to persist is 2 multiplied by 3-14 km super(-2). The large uncertainty is due to limited data for estimating the disease transmission coefficient. Very high culling rates (> 95%) are required for rapid disease eradication in, for example, < 21 days. Lower culling rates could be effective if a longer outbreak is acceptable.

Author Pech, R. P. and Hone, J.
Date null
Year 1988
Secondary title Journal of Applied Ecology
Volume 25
Number 1
Pages 6-77
Notes Notes
Region Australia - national
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