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Cane toad density 2007 – Victoria

Map shows the density of the cane toad (Bufo marinus) in Victoria, 2007. Compiled by the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre and the National Land and Water Resources Audit, in collaboration with the Australian, State and Territory governments. Click on the thumbnail image below to open the full map file

Amendments to the Catchment and Land Protection Act 1994

Pests pose a serious threat to the environmental, economic and social health of our regional communities. Weeds alone cause an estimated $360 million worth of damage to agriculture and the environment each year. Pest animals such as rabbits, foxes, wild dogs, and feral pigs cause significant damage to land and the health of catchments, rivers […]

National Parks Act

Outlines the scope and policies for the management of the State’s parks, provides for the development of different types of parks to meet differing community needs and establishes a Fund; the issue of mining leases and licences is suject to consent of Minister on advice of Natiional Parks Advisory Council (established under this Act.

Southern Ark

Southern Ark is a conservation initiative aimed at facilitating the recovery of native mammals, birds and reptiles across approximately one million hectares of public land in far East Gippsland through the establishment of an integrated, large-scale and on-going fox control program. The primary objective of Southern Ark is to help recover and restore the native […]

Domestic (feral and nuisance) Animals Act

The purpose of this act is to promote animal welfare, the responsible ownership of dogs and cats, and the protection of the environment. Objectives include providing a registration and identification scheme for dogs and cats which recognises and promotes responsible ownership, including identification and control of dangerous dogs; a registration scheme for domestic animal businesses; […]