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Why Are Predator Urines Aversive to Prey

Predator odors often repel prey species. In the present experiments, we investigated whether changes in the diet of a predator, the coyote (Canis latrans) would affect the repellency of its urine. Furthermore, because predator odors have a high sulfur content, reflecting large amounts of meat in the diet, we investigated the contribution of sulfurous odors […]

Weasel and stoat

Total of 50 weasels and 12 stoats eartagged, released, some have been recaptured 50 times on 80 acres (32 ha). Main aim is to find out how the combined predator force of weasels stoats and short-eared owls affect the numbers of Microtus. Propoertion of monthly losses attributed to predation is tabulated – was the most […]

Variation in body size, sexual dimorphism and age-specific survival in stoats, Mustela erminea (Mammalia: Carnivora), with fluctuating food supplies

Most hypotheses attempting to explain the evolution of pronounced sexual dimorphism in body size in the three species of weasels (Mustela erminea, M. frenata, M. nivalis) assume that sexual dimorphism is a long-term adaptation, associated with the different reproductive strategies of the two sexes. We here examine an auxiliary hypothesis which predicts that the degree […]