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Wild deer density 2007 – South Australia

Map shows the density of wild deer (Cervus spp.) in South Australia, 2007. Compiled by the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre and the National Land and Water Resources Audit, in collaboration with the Australian, State and Territory governments. Click on the thumbnail image below to open the full map file.

Judas technique for feral goat control

Feral goats (Capra hircus) are an ecological problem worldwide, particularly in closed systems, such as islands, where native plants, animals and insects have evolved in the absence of large mammalian herbivores. Due to their grazing habits, goats alter plant species composition and hinder regeneration of vegetation. Goats can also cause soil erosion and reduce the […]

Guidelines to inform the selection and implementation of carp management options at wetland inlets: a test case for South Australia

The aim of these guidelines is not to assist in forming decisions about management strategies or prioritising wetland management objectives for incorporation into a wetland management plan, but to ensure successful outcomes in relation to managing carp at wetland inlets through careful planning and detailed knowledge of the site in question (eg baseline fauna and […]

Feral goat trapping

Images show: 1. Feral goats entering a jump-down trap built around Muckety Dam in Danggali Conservation Park, South Australia. The dam, in near-level terrain, was made by excavating a large hole in the soil forming the bed of a shallow watercourse. 2. Feral goats caught in a jump-down trap at Gleeson Well, Vulkathunha-Gammon Ranges National […]

Feral goats herding

Image shows mustering 1600 feral goats in the North Flinders Ranges, South Australia. Photo taken 1979 by R. Henzell. The goats were forced out of rugged, inaccessible terrain with a light aircraft, and then transferred to a ground crew in more open terrain. The photo was taken after the transfer. The ground crew, on motorbikes […]

Natural Resources Management Act 2004

An Act to promote sustainable and integrated management of the State’s natural resources; to make provision for the protection of the State’s natural resources; to repeal the Animal and Plant Control (Agricultural Protection and Other Purposes) Act 1986, the Soil Conservation and Land Care Act 1989 and the Water Resources Act 1997; and for other […]