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Predation by, disease spread from, and general management of introduced European red foxes (Vulpes vulpes) and wild dogs (Canis) is a multi-million dollar problem in Australia. Queensland alone recently estimated that wild dogs cost that state’s economy $33M annually. Effective local management tools for foxes and wild dogs are therefore essential for land managers to […]

Potential of delta-decanolactone and (Z)-7-dodecen-1-yl acetate to attract feral goats (Capra hircus)

A lure is needed for cost-effective control of feral goat populations dispersed in forests. We evaluated the odour delta-decanolactone and the pheromone (Z)-7-dodecen-1-yl acetate in a series of trials using penned Angora goats on two New Zealand farms. Filter paper discs at each of two feeders stocked with lucerne chaff dispensed 2 mL of odour […]

Field Evaluation of Olfactory Lures for Feral Cats (Felis catus L.) in Central Australia

Field trials were conducted in central Australia to evaluate the ability of various olfactory lures to attract feral cats (Felis catus L.). Ten food-based lures, one plant extract and two scent-based lures (anal-gland preparations from male and female cats) were evaluated on the basis of visitation rates and elicited behavioural responses. A visual lure composed […]