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Feral Photos 2013

These images are a selection of entries from the Invasive Animals CRC’s 2013 Feral Photos photography competition. The annual competition is designed to help improve levels of awareness among members of the community, who have observed the presence of pest animals in their environment. The photos illustrate the significant diversity of pests we have in Australia and […]

GEN003: Trapping using soft net traps

Soft net traps consist of a flexible metal frame and netting and/or bag which collapses over the animal when triggered. Soft net traps rely on entanglement to secure and hold the targeted animal, potentially reducing the risk of injury. Soft net traps are used to trap feral and nuisance domestic cats and dogs, foxes, birds […]

PestSmart DVD: Guide to Practical Pest Animal Management

A two-disc DVD set of practical instructions on a range of pest animal control methods, new products and monitoring techniques for land and pest animal managers. These instructional clips can also be found online at www.youtube.com/PestSmart. The techniques and products used are relevant to production and biodiversity based vertebrate pest control management programs. The views […]

Pest birds

Matrix showing the relative humaneness of pest bird control methods

High Predictability in Introduction Outcomes and the Geographical Range Size of Introduced Australian Birds: A Role for Climate

1. We investigated factors hypothesized to influence introduction success and sub-sequent geographical range size in 52 species of bird that have been introduced to mainland Australia. 2. The 19 successful species had been introduced more times, at more sites and in greater overall numbers. Relative to failed species, successfully introduced species also had a greater […]

Lessons from introductions of exotic species as a possible information source for managing translocations of birds

It has been previously suggested that the characteristics that are driving the taxonomic homogenisation of the global avifauna, through the extinction of native bird species and the establishment of exotic bird species, are opposite sides of the same coin. One of the most important tools that conservation biologists and wildlife managers have to ameliorate the […]