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An Act to make provision for the management and conservation of pastoral land; and for other purposes. Objects include the prevention of degradation of the land and its indigenous plant […]


An Act to provide for the conservation of land and soil, to establish a land and soil conservation council, and for related purposes.

Catchment and Property Planning Meningie Districts (S3101)

Survey of farmers knowledge of Property Management Planning (PMP); Publicity; Liaison/planning for PMP workshops; planning for soil pit fields; group formation (1st workshop); reporting; revegetation; fencing; weed & vermin control; […]

Vertebrate Pest Research Unit (VPRU)

The Vertebrate Pest Research Unit, located at NSW DPI?s Orange Agricultural Institute, undertakes research which addresses industry priorities in relation to vertebrate pest management and, increasingly, the management of environmental […]

Conservation and Land Management Act

An Act to make better provision for the use, protection, and management of certain public lands and waters and the flora and fauna thereof, to establish authorities to be responsible […]

Nature Conservation Act

The object of this act is the conservation of nature. This is to be achieved by an integrated and comprehensive conservation strategy that includes: the gathering of information and community […]

National Parks and Wildlife Act

An Act to provide for the establishment and management of reserves for public benefit and enjoyment; to provide for the conservation of wildlife in a natural environment; and for other […]

Endangered Species Protection Act

The objects of this Act are to promote the recovery of species and ecological communities that are endangered or vulnerable; to prevent other species and ecological communities from becoming endangered; […]