Cane Toad Identification

Provides information on cane toad identification, including images, a recording of a cane toad call and a downloadable guide. Website also provides information on how to dispose of cane toads, […]

Threatened Species Protection Act

Provides for the protection and management of threatened native flora and fauna. Threatened species are to be listed according to the process set out in the Act. Critical habitats are […]

Australian Heritage Commission Act

An Act to establish an Australian Heritage Commission. Provides for the identification and preservation at a federal level of aspects of the natural environment of national interest.

Comparison of two methods of faecal analysis of herbivore diet

Two techniques for determining the proportions of different plant species eaten by the brush-tailed opossum (Trichosurus vulpecula) were compared. Both techniques – bacterial degradation and chemical maceration of faeces – […]