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Distribution and Abundance of Feral Liverstock in the ‘Top End’ of the Northern Territory (1985-86), and Their Relation to Population Control

Feral and domestic livestock (buffalo, cattle, horses and donkeys) were censused by fixed-wing aerial survey over the ‘Top End’ of the Northern Territory (above the 16th parallel) in March-April 1985, […]

Modelling the distribution and species richness of introduced vertebrates on New Zealand offshore islands

The offshore islands of New Zealand provide a unique opportunity to investigate insular biogeography with respect to relatively recently introduced vertebrate taxa (c. 200 years ago), whose colonisation and expansion […]

Factors influencing the spatial distribution of introduced birds on arable farms in New Zealand

In New Zealand, the agricultural and horticultural industries view many introduced bird species as significant crop pests. In the arable sector, for example, introduced passerine species, such as house sparrows […]

Natural histories of Australia’s stick-nest rats, genus Leporillus (Rodentia : Muridae)

The former distributions of stick-nest rats (Leporillus conditor and L. apicalis), both extinct on the Australian mainland since about the 1930s, were determined from literature reports, museum records, interview responses […]