Distribution and Abundance of Feral Liverstock in the ‘Top End’ of the Northern Territory (1985-86), and Their Relation to Population Control

Feral and domestic livestock (buffalo, cattle, horses and donkeys) were censused by fixed-wing aerial survey over the ‘Top End’ of the Northern Territory (above the 16th parallel) in March-April 1985, […]

Modelling the distribution and species richness of introduced vertebrates on New Zealand offshore islands

The offshore islands of New Zealand provide a unique opportunity to investigate insular biogeography with respect to relatively recently introduced vertebrate taxa (c. 200 years ago), whose colonisation and expansion […]

Natural histories of Australia’s stick-nest rats, genus Leporillus (Rodentia : Muridae)

The former distributions of stick-nest rats (Leporillus conditor and L. apicalis), both extinct on the Australian mainland since about the 1930s, were determined from literature reports, museum records, interview responses […]