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Rapid response to new fish incursions

Some introduced freshwater fish species have had devastating impacts on Australia’s native freshwater fish species and other aquatic life and ecosystems. Introduced or ‘alien’ fish usually have a high rate of reproduction, broad environmental tolerances, and are difficult to manage. Prevention, preparedness, and incident response activities, (including quarantine/border control, risk assessments, training, containment, eradication) help […]

Benefits of Rabbit Biocontrol in Australia

EUROPEAN RABBITS (Oryctolagus cuniculus) are a severe continental-scale threat to Australia’s globally important biodiversity and agriculture. The extreme sensitivity of many native plant species to rabbit damage – as few as one rabbit per hectare can impede natural regeneration – has resulted in 75 nationally threatened plant species and five threatened ecological communities being at […]

Feral pig

Matrix showing the relative humaneness of feral pig control methods. The ‘humaneness’ of a pest animal control method refers to the overall welfare impact that the method has on an  individual animal. A relatively more humane method will have less impact than a relatively less humane method. (Sharp and Saunders, 2008) has been developed under […]

Proceedings of the National Feral Cat Management Workshop

Domestic cats (Felis catus) were brought to Australia by the first European settlers from the late 18th century and feral populations quickly established. Feral cats are now common throughout most environments in Australia, including offshore islands. Predation by feral cats is thought to have contributed to the extinction of small to medium-sized ground-dwelling mammals and […]

RAB010: Bait delivery of Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease Virus (RHDV)

Background Rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus (RHDV) is used to minimise the impact of the introduced European rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) on agricultural production and the environment. Other rabbit control methods include poisoning, warren destruction, surface harbour removal, shooting, trapping, exclusion fencing and biological control with myxomatosis. RHDV causes rabbit haemorrhagic disease (RHD), an acute, highly contagious […]