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Understanding the perceptual world of horses

From the viewpoint of experimental psychology, there are two problems with our current knowledge of equine perception. The first is that the behavioral and neurophysiological research in this area has […]

Wildlife encounters by Lewis and Clark: A spatial analysis of interactions between native Americans and wildlife

The Lewis and Clark journals contain some of the earliest and most detailed written descriptions of a large part of the United States before Euro-American settlement. We used the journal […]

Social relationships in a group of horses without a mature stallion

1. The social relationships in a group of Icelandic horses without a mature stallion were studied. The horses were all familiar to each other. Mutual grooming and play relationships, spatial […]

Researching feral horse ecology and behavior: Turning political debate into opportunity

Funding for biological research on feral horse populations is often motivated by political debate. Thus, research may start too late to contribute substantially to decisions about population monitoring and management, […]

Preliminary study of the development of the flehmen response in Equus caballus

The flehmen response is commonly seen in most ungulates as well as in several other species (e.g. felids). The behavior is most often thought to be part of the sexual […]

From wild horse to riding horse.

Over 45 Mio years of evolution the horse developped to a high specialized animal in anatomy, physiology and behavior. No other animal had influenced the economic and cultural history of […]

Grazing patterns of Pantaneiro horses. An element of adaptability to the Pantanal region, Brazil

Seasonal foods and habitat use of Pantaneiro horses were determined in two Pantanal subregions: Nhecolandia (March 1990 to February 1991) and Abobral (December 1993 to October 1995). In both sub-regions, […]

Genetics and behaviour in horses.

The genetics of behaviour in horses is just starting. The interest of including behavioural traits in selection has been only recently underlined. Moreover, it is a difficult question to tackle […]

Recovery of savanna vegetation in northern Australia: 1973-2000