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Social and sexual behaviour of horses under semi-natural and stable conditions in relation to their reproductive efficiency: A review.

In mares kept under stable conditions, oestrus detection is mainly based on mare’s behaviour towards a teaser stallion. Weak or equivocal signs of oestrus in mares may be one of the reasons of decreasing reproduction indices in horses in recent years in Poland. Social aspects of horses’ sexual behaviour under natural conditions and the impact […]

From wild horse to riding horse.

Over 45 Mio years of evolution the horse developped to a high specialized animal in anatomy, physiology and behavior. No other animal had influenced the economic and cultural history of men in such extend. Hunting prey since the icetimes, domesticated 4000 B.C. and used for thousands of years as unique animal all over the world […]

Grazing patterns of Pantaneiro horses. An element of adaptability to the Pantanal region, Brazil

Seasonal foods and habitat use of Pantaneiro horses were determined in two Pantanal subregions: Nhecolandia (March 1990 to February 1991) and Abobral (December 1993 to October 1995). In both sub-regions, a direct pasture observation method was used in two daily sessions (morning and afternoon). The forage plants eaten and habitat occupied by animals were recorded […]

Equid play ethogram

An ethogram of play behavior among equids was developed. Several key English-language studies on equids were reviewed to derive a preliminary inventory of specific behaviors to be included in the ethogram. Our primary observations were based on a herd of