Social Drivers of Invasive Animal Control

Ecological and economic issues have traditionally dominated research and management of invasive species. However, in recent times there has been a growing acknowledgement of the social aspects, or ?human dimensions?, of scenarios involving invasive animals. This realisation has been fuelled largely by the publication of ?Counting the Cost? (McLeod 2004), a triple-bottom-line assessment of invasive species? impacts on Australia. Commissioned by the Pest Animal CRC, that report highlighted both the relevance of social issues to Australian invasive species management and the fact that these are currently poorly understood.

Having recognised that many of the professionals involved with invasive species research and management are ill-equipped to identify and deal with the social issues that have relevance to their roles, the Invasive Animals CRC convened the workshop on ?Social Drivers of Invasive Animal Control?. Through this event, managers and scientists with traditional, biophysical training were given the chance interact with social researchers from a variety of natural resource management fields. Hopefully, the papers and transcripts within this document will make it clear to readers that that such an opportunity exposed the attendees to a broad range of social research concepts and methodologies, allowing discussion of their utility within a variety of invasive animal management scenarios.

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Date 26/07/2006
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