Proceedings of the National Feral Deer Management Workshop

Wild deer are an emerging pest management problem in Australia. Unfortunately there is no consensus on how best to manage deer as they continue to expand their range and increase in density.

Recreational hunters and deer farmers view them as a highly valued resource and commodity. Other groups (such as primary producers, disease management agencies, conservation agencies, horticulturalists) view them as a potentially serious pest. The conditions under which wild deer are either a valuable resource or a pest are not clearly understood. The implications of such differences in perceived resource value also require investigation for effective coordinated management.

Pest management agencies have been slow to react, probably due to the fact that the issues surrounding the management of deer in Australia are not clearly understood. A workshop, held in Canberra on 9 and 10 November 2005, brought stakeholders together to openly discuss their goals for the management of deer in Australia. The participants were invited to submit both spoken presentations and written papers explaining their position on, aspirations and goals for, the management of wild deer. The proceedings of the workshop will form a useful and unique reference document for the development of understanding, and for policy development and research agendas.

AuthorMcLeod, S.
Secondary titleNational Feral Deer Management Workshop
Place publishedCanberra
PublisherInvasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre
InstitutionInvasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre
Pages162 pp
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DocumentsProceedings of the National Feral Deer Management Workshop