Natural Resources Kangaroo Island

Pest animals can pose a significant threat to agriculture, the natural environment and public health and safety on Kangaroo Island (KI). Our challenge is to find ways to reduce the number of these pest animals to help restore native biodiversity and reduce losses in the agricultural industry.

KI’s Feral Animal Management Program works with government agencies, research groups, industry, stakeholders and the local community to determine the distribution and impact of feral animals, and the best control and eradication techniques.

By working closely with community, this program has almost successfully eradicated feral goats and deer from KI. Over the next 15 years Natural Resources KI aims to eradicate feral cats from Kangaroo Island.  A stringent registration system will continue during this time for domestic cat management with a phasing out of all domestic cats by 2030. 

Natural Resources Kangaroo Island’s Animal and Plant Control team is the first point of call if you have any queries or questions about feral animal or weed management. While the responsibility for the management of declared feral animal and weed species lies with the landholder, Natural Resources KI plays a role by coordinating management activities and runs island wide programs targeting specific species of weeds and pest animals, such as the deer and gorse eradication programs.

The APC Team has the advice and equipment to help you manage pest and weed problems on your land. Equipment available for loan includes: weed wipers and 12-volt sprayers in 200 and 400 litre sizes, and pig and cat cage traps. The team can provide you with advice about techniques for you to make the most of this loan equipment. They also have other information to help prevent pests and weeds having economic and environmental impacts on your property. They are also very interested in feral animal and weed reports, particularly reports of unusual weeds or pests that may have only recently arrived on the island.

Priority pest animals on Kangaroo Island include: cats, fallow deer, ferrets, goats, peacocks and feral pigs.

Kangaroo Island (KI) lies approximately 15 kilometres off the Fleurieu Peninsula in southern South Australia. The island covers an area of 4,370 square kilometres and is home to approximately 4,400 people who reside primarily in the four townships. The island welcomes more than 160,000 visitors each year, one third of whom are international guests.

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