Glovebox Guide for Managing Foxes

FoxGBG_coverThis glovebox guide is part of the PestSmart Toolkit for Foxes, produced by the Invasive Animals CRC. It is designed to provide current information on best practice fox management for land managers, pest animal officers and others involved in the management of foxes.

This includes general information on:

  • developing a fox management plan
  • integrated approaches
  • identifying fox impacts
  • management strategies & techniques

The advice provided in this publication is intended as a source of information only. Always read the label before using any  of the products mentioned. It is important that the information provided is adapted by each individual in accordance with their own environmental, financial and social circumstances.

AuthorLynette McLeod
Place publishedCanberra
PublisherInvasive Animals CRC
InstitutionInvasive Animals CRC
ISBN/ISSNISBN: 978-1-921777-62-2
Control methodIntegrated Pest Management
RegionAustralia - national

PestSmart toolkit: Foxes


Download: PestSmart: Glovebox Guide for Managing Foxes [ 916 kb PDF ]