National Wild Dog Action Plan – What it is, what it isn’t?

The NWDAP is an industry-driven initiative which is not about delivering actual control methodologies on-the-ground, it is about ensuring these on-the-ground methodologies are accessible, reliable, available and being used to the greatest effect possible. The Plan picks up the overarching coordination of wild dog management and delivers on areas that are nationally significant to the greater control and management of wild dogs. Ongoing establishment of this framework requires:

  • national leadership
  • nationally-led extension
  • an improved business case for collaboration; and
  • consistency of policies and management methodologies across national, state and regional operational levels.

2016-17 Operational Plan

The Operational Plan ensures the next stage of implementation is achieved. It outlines the priorities, as agreed by the Implementation Steering Committee, which must be pursued to ensure the ongoing success of the NWDAP, and therefore more effective wild dog management across Australia. The activities are not just about implementing a Plan, they are strategic and aim to strengthen the on-ground work that is already being pursued. Current projects include:

The National Wild Dog Action Plan is an industry initiative endorsed by Government.

Last updated: August 9, 2017