National Weeds and Invasive Animals Information Workshop: A report on workshop outcomes.

Significant investments are increasingly being made in natural resource management (NRM) via Government Programs such as the National Action Plan for Salinity and Water Quality (NAP) and the Natural Heritage Trust (NHT), in addition to various State/Territory, Community and landholder initiatives. Governments at various levels in addition to regional groups and land managers need access to the best available data and information to assist in the decision making process.
The National Monitoring and Evaluation Framework (NM&EF) has been developed by the Australian and State/Territory Governments to facilitate monitoring and reporting on the impact of the NAP and NHT. The NM&EF identifies natural resource topics ? Matters for Target ? with the aim of assisting the assessment of the effectiveness of various programs. Each ‘Matter for Target’ has a set of Indicators that will be used as the guideline to monitor and report on the topic.

This report presents a summary of a National Weeds and Invasive Animals Information Workshop, held at Hadley?s Hotel, March 30-31, 2006.
The goal of the workshop was to gain a consolidated advice in relation to Invasive Species (Weeds and Invasive Animals) Indicators under the NM&EF.

Author West, P, Auricht, C, M., Franco, M, and Alexandra, J.
Date null
Year 2006
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Publisher National Land & Water Resources Audit
Pages 48 pp
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Region Australia - national
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