FeralScan (www.feralscan.org.au) is a community website that allows you to map sightings of pest animals and record the problems they are causing in your local area. FeralScan will have direct benefits to farmers, community groups and individuals managing pest animals and their impacts.

Laptop and iphone FeralScan viewsFeralScan is freely available and can be used by farmers, local communities, Landcare groups, local government, pest controllers, schools and individuals anywhere in Australia. Data entered into FeralScan can be used to help coordinate on ground control to address the problems pest animals are causing in your local area and across the country. FeralScan provides lots of useful resources:

  1. Enter pest animal sightings, damage and control activities in your local area
  2. Examine the latest pest animal map for your local area
  3. Create and print your own pest animal maps
  4. View or upload photos
  5. Access the latest resources
  6. Connect with community action groups in your area.

GooglePlay icon1AppStore icon1FeralScan is also available as an iOS or Android mobile app. MouseAlert, FeralCatScan, WildDogScan and RabbitScan are currently available through this app with more species to follow.


FeralScan provides websites for Rabbits, Foxes, Feral Camels, Myna birds, Cane Toads, Feral Pigs, Feral Goats, Wild Dogs and Starlings, and will soon provide websites for Deer and Feral Fish.

FeralScan is optimised for mobile smartphone users, and will soon provide improved facilities for community groups.

How do I get involved?

–   Go to FeralScan at www.feralscan.org.au or download the mobile app
–   Register your name and email address to become an official FeralScan user
–   Start mapping feral animals in your local area, and examine the latest map
–   Encourage others to enter sightings
–   Visit FeralScan regularly to see the latest additions.

Help to build a better picture about pest animals and the problems they are causing to our farmers, economy, environment, culture and communities.

Further information

Inquiries – Peter West (peter.west@dpi.nsw.gov.au) or phone (02) 6391 3887.

Project partners and supporters

Last updated: July 20, 2015