Feral Photos Competition 2016


The Invasive Animals CRC has held an annual photography competition since 2011.

The competition encourages people to get out there and see what is happening in their environment and to get creative about how they can capture photographic evidence of pest animals and the damage they cause.

This year’s competition is now open and in 2016, our national search for feral animal photos is asking all Australians to not just ‘snap a feral animal’ but film them as well – adding a ‘best footage’ category to this year’s competition.

We welcome everyone to send in their entries, whether you consider yourself a budding photographer, videographer or just managed to snap a great shot with your smart phone – we want them all.


IMPORTANT: Make sure you read the Feral Photos 2016 Terms and Conditions before entering, and ensure you are safe and obey warning signs in areas where animal control may be occuring.

Last updated: July 5, 2016

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