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PestSmart Connect is a toolkit of information on best practice pest animals management in Australia. It has been developed by the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre. Subscribe to stay up to date.

Pest Animals

  • Photo of a wild dog

    Wild dog

  • European fox

  • Photo of a feral pig

    Feral pig

  • Photo of a European rabbit

    European rabbit

  • Photo of a feral cat

    Feral cat

  • Photo of a feral goat

    Feral goat

  • Photo of a European carp

    European carp

  • Photo of a tilapia


  • Photo of a cane toad

    Cane toad

  • Photo of an Indian Myna

    Pest birds

  • Photo of a house mouse

    House mouse

  • Photo of feral horses

    Feral horse

  • Photo of feral deer

    Feral deer

  • Photo of feral camels

    Feral camel

  • Photo of a red-eared slider turtle

    New and emerging

Glovebox guides

  • Glovebox Guide for Managing Rabbits - Current information on best practice rabbit management for land managers, pest animal officers and others involved in the management of rabbits
  • Glovebox Guide for Managing Wild Dogs - Download the guide   The Glovebox Guide for Managing Wild Dogs is a general guide to managing populations of wild dogs in Australia. This guide uses the term ‘wild dogs’ […]
  • Glovebox Guide for Managing Feral Pigs - Practical resource designed to assist Australian land managers in feral pig control
  • Glovebox Guide for Managing Foxes - This glovebox guide is part of the PestSmart Toolkit for Foxes, produced by the Invasive Animals CRC. It is designed to provide current information on best practice fox management for […]

FAQs and fact-sheets

Integrated pest animal control