PestSmart Connect (formerly is a toolkit of information on best practice pest animals management in Australia. It has been developed by the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre.


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  • Pig_damage USA, Australia partnership tackling feral pigs - The USA and Australia are among the worst feral pig affected countries in the world. Australia leads the way in R&D in this field and the Invasive Animals CRC (IA CRC) and partners have significantly leveraged investment by bringing the USA to the table to help develop and register an Australian led innovation for new […]
  • Table_Jan15 IA CRC product status update - January 2015 update on status of IA CRC products in development
  • JFarrell_Mouse_crop Monitoring mice in Australia – Nov 2014 - An update on mouse populations across the grain-belt of Australia for September/October 2014.
  • FeralFishScan_header2 Map pest fish online with FeralFishScan - The community can now record evidence of pest fish in their local area with FeralFishScan, a new interactive website to support a whole of catchment approach to pest fish management in local waterways.
  • invasion_curve_big2 Principles of pest animal management - There are seven key principles that form the basis of the strategic approach
  • NWDAPlogo_web National Wild Dog Action Plan - The National Wild Dog Action Plan is an industry initiative endorsed by Government.
  • Foxes_on_fence PestSmart Factsheet: Fox Bounties - Bounty systems offer financial incentives to hunt and destroy pest animals. Bounty systems offer what appears to be a simple solution to pest animal problems by providing financial rewards to reduce pest numbers. However, reviews of past bounty schemes from Australia and around the world show that they are an ineffective form of pest animal […]
  • feral cat Feral cat - Feral cats live, hunt and reproduce in the wild. They are the same  species as domestic cats but differ in how and where they live. Feral cats have the body shape, acute senses and fine coordination perfectly suited for stalking and capturing prey.