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National pest initiatives

Pest Animal Toolkits

Glovebox guides

  • Glovebox Guide for Managing Wild Dogs - Download the guide   The Glovebox Guide for Managing Wild Dogs is a general guide to managing populations of wild dogs in Australia. This guide uses the term ‘wild dogs’ […]
  • Glovebox Guide for Managing Foxes - This glovebox guide is part of the PestSmart Toolkit for Foxes, produced by the Invasive Animals CRC. It is designed to provide current information on best practice fox management for […]
  • Glovebox Guide for Managing Rabbits - Current information on best practice rabbit management for land managers, pest animal officers and others involved in the management of rabbits
  • Glovebox Guide for Managing Feral Pigs - Practical resource designed to assist Australian land managers in feral pig control

FAQs and fact-sheets

  • PestSmart Factsheet: European rabbit - Biology & ecology Wild European rabbits typically have grey-brown back fur and a white-grey belly. Colour varies from sandy light brown, to ginger, black, and occasionally, white. Rabbits are characterised […]
  • Fact-sheet: Feral cats in Australia - Feral cats live, hunt and reproduce in the wild. They are the same  species as domestic cats but differ in how and where they live. Feral cats have the body shape, acute senses and fine coordination perfectly suited for stalking and capturing prey.
  • Fact-sheet: Carp - Carp (Cyprinus carpio) were first introduced to Australia more than 100 years ago. They are now widely established throughout the Murray-Darling Basin and can also be found in all states […]
  • PestSmart Factsheet: Feral pig - Feral pigs in Australia descend from domestic swine, but look more similar to Eurasia’s wild boar than their domestic counterparts. They tend to have sparse, coarse hair on lean and […]

Integrated pest animal control